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Junior Web Designer at Perfomalis

Design Department, Full Time

Do you have an eye for clean and artful design? Are you creative and passionate about developing your own customer-centric websites? Would you like to join a team of young enthusiastic professionals at a fast-growing company in a dynamic industry?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to all of these, then you could be just the right fit for our design team!

Experience: + 1 year
Working Days: Mon – Fri
Working Hours: 8h

Make the result beautiful
And the effort invisible.

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As part of the design team, your main responsibilities will be:

You are our ideal candidate if you have:

As part of our company, you will enjoy:

Great! So you applied. Now what?

After you’ve sent us your CV, cover letter and portfolio, there are just a few steps left of the hiring process before you start your exciting career at Perfomalis!

Invitation 01

Whether you’re a trainee or a seasoned expert in your field, we will match you with the right position based on your skills and experience and get in touch with you for an interview.


02 Interview

At the interview, we will get to know you a bit better and you will have the chance to learn more about the company as well as responsibilities and attributes of the position you’ve applied for.

Job offer

Welcome aboard 03

We always take into account all professional and personal qualities of the applicants so that we can we make them a job offer that reflects their expertise and qualities.

Trial period

04 In six months

After the first six months with the company, we will schedule your first evaluation. We will discuss your performance and remuneration, and you will get to share your experience, ideas, and vision for the future.


At Perfomalis, there’s always a place for talent.

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